PET series preform making injection molding machine
PET series preform making injection moulding machinery SHE538-PET
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  1. Specially designed PET screw & barrel, highly increases the plasticizing speed and shot weight, lowers the plasticizing temperature and AA value. Also significantly improves the shrinkage of perform, while achieves better transparency.
  2. Variety machine specifications, suitable for different kinds of perform moulds.
  3. Stable performance and high productivity. Increasing ejecting tonnage and ejector stroke, suitable for different kinds of PET perform moulds.
  4. With optional synchronous pressure retaining system, can improve 15%~25% more capacity.
  5. Providing full range of PET bottle technology and equipment, including: injection molding machine, blowing machine, perform moulds and other relevant equipments.
Screw diameter mm 85 90
Shot size(theoretical) Cm³ 2400 2700
Shot weight g 2640 2900
Injection pressure Mpa 148 132
Injection rate g/s 550 610
Screw L/D ratio L/D 24 22.7
Screw speed r.p.m 0-150
Nozzle Diameter Srmm 20
Clamp tonnage KN 5380
Toggle stroke mm 810
Mould Thickness mm 310-830
Space between tie-bars mm 830X830
Ejector stroke mm 220
Ejector tonnage KN 125
Ejector number Piece 13
Hole Diameter mm 200
Heat power KW 31.1
Max. pump pressure MPa 16
Pump motor power KW 25+30
Machine dimension m 9.1X2.2X2.3
Machine weight t 22.6
Oil Tank Caacity L 850


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