Variable energy saving injection molding machine
Variable energy-saving injection moulding machinery SHE258
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  1. No extra energy consumption due to output volume changes according to the load, servo motor don' t work during cooling stage 0 consumption.
  2. Comparing with traditional injection moulding machine can save electricity 40- 80%. Pressure responses fast, quickly starts up to 0.05s.
  3. Compared to traditional injection molding machine the control system to respond will be 2-3 times faster.
  4. High response speed, shorten cycle times, improve production effi ciency.
  5. Products repeat accuracy can be increased to more than 5 thousandths, fully able to meet the requirements of ultra-precision injection molding.
Screw diameter mm 54 56
Shot size(theoretical) Cm³ 720 770
Shot weight g 650 690
Injection pressure Mpa 190 178
Injection rate g/s 200 215
Screw L/D ratio L/D 22.5 21.6
Screw speed r.p.m 0-180
Nozzle Diameter Srmm 20
Clamp tonnage KN 2580
Toggle stroke mm 570
Mould Thickness mm 220-580
Space between tie-bars mm 580X580
Ejector stroke mm 160
Ejector tonnage KN 70
Ejector number Piece 9
Hole Diameter mm 160
Heat power KW 18.5
Max. pump pressure MPa 16
Pump motor power KW 25
Valve Size mm 16
Machine dimension m 6.3X1.7X1.8
Machine weight t 8
Oil tank capacity L 350


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