Variable energy saving injection molding machine
Variable energy-saving injection moulding machinery SHE638
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  1. No extra energy consumption due to output volume changes according to the load, servo motor don' t work during cooling stage 0 consumption.
  2. Comparing with traditional injection moulding machine can save electricity 40- 80%.
  3. Pressure responses fast, quickly starts up to 0.05s.
  4. Compared to traditional injection molding machine the control system to respond will be 2-3 times faster.
  5. High response speed, shorten cycle times, improve production effi ciency.
  6. Products repeat accuracy can be increased to more than 5 thousandths, fully able to meet the requirements of ultra-precision injection molding.
Screw diameter mm 90 95
Shot size(theoretical) Cm³ 3050 3390
Shot weight g 2745 3050
Injection pressure Mpa 159 143
Injection rate g/s 560 620
Screw L/D ratio L/D 21.2 20
Screw speed r.p.m 0-120
Nozzle Diameter Srmm 20
Clamp tonnage KN 6380
Toggle stroke mm 880
Mould Thickness mm 360-880
Space between tie-bars mm 880X880
Ejector stroke mm 240
Ejector tonnage KN 160
Ejector number Piece 13
Hole Diameter mm 200
Heat power KW 39
Max. pump pressure MPa 16
Pump motor power KW 25+30
Valve Size mm cartridge valve
Machine dimension m 9.6X2.2X2.4
Machine weight t 27
Oil tank capacity L 1000


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